Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I caught a fish and it was This big... no it was THIS BIG

For starters, I found it really hard to get out of bed this morning on this cold day with ice on the windshields and a hard frost on the ground. said 35 degrees but we average a few degrees below that where I live so it was COLD by desert standards fair readers. Of course I did eventually get out of bed and by the time I got everything ready I was extremely late getting out of the door. "No Problem, it's my last day for a threshold workout before the ride next week" I thought. Being that it was COLD outside mild mannered Paul transformed into super rando ninja. After five miles or so super rando ninja found he was a little too warm and converted his windbreaker into a wind vest. The warmth was due mostly to operating at <90% of LT and speeds around 20mph on a stretch that they are usually much below that. This is also where my bicycle computer started to get flakey (the wireless sensor seems to flake out on cold mornings, probably time to put the new one I have in the garage on). So as I turned the corner onto Ray and ratcheted the speeds up to 24mph, yes fair readers, with a slight tailwind I was cranking out 24 at my LT. I have to say it was a bit surprising and felt good. I would stay up between 22-24 mph all the way in as my computer would check in once in awhile with an accurate speed. The last stretch there was no tailwind and I was keeping the speed so I think the last few weeks of training have been effective and hopefully this fitness holds on. I knew I had a PR in there somewhere but how to prove it? Well, I know when the computer flakes out it adds a little time as it doesn't always pause at stoplights. It came in right at 1 hour 12 minutes, If I take the overall time minus 7 minutes (average stoplight time) I come out to 1 hour and 11 minutes. So I think I averaged over 20 mph this morning and I have never topped 20 on this route before, in fact even on my shorter commute a few years agao when I only went 18 miles I only did it once or twice. So, for 23.82 miles in an hour and eleven minutes, that is a very good time. In fact it is about the best time I have ever done on the bent and it is supposed to be faster on the flats than my road bike. So, I think I am ready for next weeks ride, we will see if all the intensity training has paid off on top of the endurance from the Dec 300k. Oh, I also was pleased to find my resting heartrate back down in the 40s the last few days so I am likely in the best shape of my life right now. Now to just drop a few more pounds.

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