Thursday, February 14, 2008

10 miles and counting

I got the new rim and built up the front wheel last night on the old hub and spokes. It went together amazingly well and the truing process went fairly quickly. It is amazing how a little extra time taken putting the nipples on the spokes speeds the truing process. I managed to get the wheel tensioned up and vertical and horizontal truing are within a mm. It only took me 2 hours this time. Far longer than a pro, yet still worth the $85 dollars I saved. I replaced the bearings in the hub not too long ago so I think it is good for the long haul. At this point I am doing rides to help the wheel set in before Saturday. So far after 10 miles the wheel has held firm. Hopefully it will continue to do so. It is nice to once again have a wheel I can cinch the brakes in again and not have the rims rub. Now I just need to get new brake pads since the old ones are shaped like the old rims and won't wear the rim as well or brake as good. I also need to figure out why my wireless computer with fresh batteries is not registering speed. Oh, well, I guess I have already blown the 2 week rule of not changing anything except the tires, may as well just give up on it at this point. Humorously enough the tires are just fine.

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