Monday, December 3, 2007

Top six ways Ultra-Cycling helps you mosh.

Their royal superheroness- the Aquabats

Here are the top 6 ways ultra-cycling helps you in the mosh pits at concerts-

  • You are comfortable moving around in the dark.
  • you are used to hanging around people just as sweaty and stinky as you are.
  • quads are good for helping you jump up and down, or keeping your feet when a crowd surfer lands on you.
  • Years of bike handling and pacelines have helped you gain balance and stability.
  • Your awesome endurance allows you to keep on going longer than anyone else.
  • Years of pushing through pain have prepared you for getting bruised, smashed, or breaking your nose (I think it is only slightly broken if it is for the record, but still it hurts)
Also for the record, running 16 miles in the morning, having a sore foot, and then wearing sandals to a punk/ska concert in the evening are not wise ideas even if it is the Aquabats (I did not lose any toenails though).
Unfortunately, I don't think moshing will have helped me with the early start on the 300k I am riding this week with Bruce and Steve. One thing though, I am sure it will be just as fun.

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