Thursday, December 13, 2007

Something New, Something Old

Woohoo! I can run again! Last Saturday after a weeks rest I took out my good OLD running shoes for a good run. By the time 3 miles was up my right foot was screaming so I decided it was time for a new set of shoes. Now, typically running injuries do not affect the right side of the foot. Usually it is the arch, the little bones, or the heel. I suspected that perhaps my overpronation support shoes might just be rolling my foot to the outside. I had been diagnosed an overpronator several years ago before getting into all this running and biking stuff. Well, I went in to the RunAz (a running store near me) and ladies and gentlemen, I am not a pronator anymore! Hallelujah brother, can I hear an amen? Can I hear an a women (got to be equal)? This man who is the pool filter(don't even get me started with genetic goofiness) in his family's gene pool at least has normal feet as of this weekend! So, upon trying a pair of neutral shoes on (comparing them to some motion control shoes) I found the neutral (and more expensive unfortunately) shoes to be more comfortable. So comfortable that in fact I ran 9 miles last night without foot pain at all so I think I have a good solution here.

On another note, a fair reader of my blog (that would of course be you, unless you are unfair) might ask, "Paul, I thought you were riding the 300k this weekend? Shouldn't you be tapering?". Well the answer of course is yes, but with a but (how is that for frequent use of the word "but" in one sentence your grammarfiles). Since I lost so much training time to the stupid foot I am in danger of losing my running fitness I have built up so I ran last night and will do another 3 or 4 miles today, followed by a 5 mile ride back to my father inlaw's work for a ride home. Tomorrow I am taking off. Should I be tapering? Yes, but seeing as my main event (the marathon) that I am training for is my priority I can afford to lose a little performance on Saturday I think. Besides, I am planning on just going out to enjoy the day. I really have no time goals. If by some strange chance I best my last years time (14 hours) well huzah! If not, the primary goal was to have fun in the first place and to spend time with my old lady (my road bike who has not randoe'd in 2 years due to the recumbent).

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