Monday, April 9, 2007

Leaving the world for an hour or two.....

Well, the doctor has had me changing medicines lately and last week was the week the one medicine left my system I entered a pretty hefty depression. In fact, things were pretty bleak there for a bit and Friday showed a weekend packed with numerous activities that weighed in on me like a two ton heavy thing. Anyway, my wife was taking the kids to an egg coloring party Friday night and as the day progressed I decided a ride was in order (truthfully if I had been able to ride my bike more last week that probably would have helped a lot). So, when I finally got back home I decided to pull an old friend off the wall. This was the bike I rode my first Brevet on. I put a pair of lights on it, fitted the taillight and just about sundown I was off into the descending twilight. Evening just after sunset has to be my favorite time of the day to ride, there is a descending peace on the world at that time as the sky is no longer blue, yet it is not black and forms a beatiful transition from sky to horizon. As you climb the hill, your mind slowly begins to lose the things that have stuck there and worried you throughout the day and slowly it becomes you and the bike cutting through the night and the air as you climb further and further above the city. As you reach the top of the hill a dark detour begs your attention and you climb further on up in the shadows of the mountain and multimillion dollar spreads of people who paid through the teeth to get the view of the city lights you see as you turn around. It only cost you a little sweat and an hours time.
Now down into the night you speed, riding the brakes slightly because of gravel in the road and limited headlight range. Then it is around a corner and onto a wider road were the brakes are left to hang free and the bike accelerates into the darkness, the wind rushing past your ears and the vents in your helmet chilling the sweat on the top of your head. Cars are passing you but slowly now as you rocket through the night and down, down, down to the city where the moment begins to dwindle as you approach stoplights and traffic and eventually enter the familiar streets of your own neighborhood and find your way up the driveway tired, yet relaxed with a recharged state of mental energy ready to live come what may.

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