Monday, April 2, 2007

Helping and Hurting

Well, this isn't exactly ride related but it does have something to do with Randonneuring so I am writing about it.
Saturday I got to help out with the 600k Brevet by leading people out of the parking lot at the beautiful hour of 5 am. It is always cool to see that mass of headlights behind me looking like a willo the wisp in the night. Of course I am the one who is doing the leading so I suppose I was the Willo the wisp in the predawn hours. One thing of note is the main pack stayed together for a long time. It made me think how nice that would have been last week. Anyway, after waving everyone by at the interstate, I got ready to pass them again when a moron tried to pass the pack as a car came from the opposite way. I think he underestimated the size of the pack. Anyway, I guess the world is full of morons, what are you going to do?
By the time they reached the turn onto Milligan they had split into 2 packs with a few stragglers on either side of the two groups. I hurried down to Marana where I got breakfast and waited for the faster guys to come in. Around this time I realized my pen was dead so I had to sign everyone's card with a pencil . The food in the van went pretty quick as the two groups came through. It was a hungry group of people. I talked to a few people near the back and they were glad they didn't have to go home and build a retaining wall like I did. Bruce rolled in after awhile and looked like he was hurting a bit but was ready to go again after not too long. The other rider that came in with Bruce DNF's here.
Here is a place to put in a humorous note. I noticed this time through here (probably because this is the first time I have been at the Marana circle K without walking around in at state of excersize induced stonedness) that they have a full room devoted to Alcholic beverages. I find this kind of funny as it hints that there is not much to do in the area. Anyway, just thought it was funny.
Eventually I got back to the retaining wall and used my big bulky body which is a bit of a hindrence on hills when randonneuring but is quite useful for muscling 60 lbs block and 100 lbs bags of concrete around. Needless to say I earned my backache along with the other hardy randonneurs out there in the hot afternoon sun.

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