Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day and Night and the Super Spies.

Joseph in front of the Pass elevation sign.

So it's the last Saturday before the Cochise Country Cycling Classic.  I figured we'd notch down the distance this week but still wanted to keep it a bit of a challenge for them so a Usery loop it was.  This week was not about Treasure Hunts for Captain Crank's treasure,  it wasn't about a super spy mission (see below),  It was about getting a ride in.  I offered to make it a night ride and only Josh took me up on it.

When the kids that wanted daylight finally got out the door it was almost 8 so it was going to be a warm ride.  Fortunately the Usery Pass park has a visitor center outside the gate now where one can water up,  or if you are the type of boy to down your whole water bottle of koolaid before you get through the first 5 miles,  it's also a great place to recover from the effects of such speedy intake of liquids, which also makes it a great motivator for climbing the hill quickly.

Greater love hath no man than he that descends a 4 mile long 5% grade on a tandem at 13 mph behind a nervous nine year old.  Mental note to self,  double the frequency of brake pad checks.

I have also discovered that though one may not think riding with kids at 10 -12 mph is good training,  wait until you hit a 9% grade with a seven year old on the back of the tandem that pedal's hard only when she wants to.  Good V02 max training.

It's important to be visible.
 The other Son took me up on the night ride offer.  Since the tandem was not necessary I attached the good old hub wheel and light, reflective triangles,  taillights and ankle bands and we were off.  Well,  after we fixed the flat in Walgreens parking lot,  and saw a skunk!  I didn't know they lived down here.

 As far as night rides go this one was absolutely gorgeous.  It was cloudy and we even felt a drop or two but that was it.  The temps were perfect, the traffic was light,  the lights were bright. all was silent.

"Josh!  Hold on a minute,  did you hear that?"
"What Dad?"
"I thought I heard some Coyotes!"
"Uh, Dad... can we get moving again....  like NOW"

Josh was a little freaked out now and again but I think in general he really enjoyed the ride.  Of course, when he met the Rattlesnake trying to get off the road he informed me that it was my turn to go in front.

Josh in front of the Usery Pass elevation sign.
It was a great ride and it was the fastest Josh has ever done the loop.  I think he climbs better at night because he can't see how big the hills are.

Kids on their 31 mile long Super Spy Mission.

Here is some of the video from the Saturday before last's ride.

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