Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A little less death in the world

Ok so this morning I did not get out of bed at 4 am like I had hoped. I had to sit and make sure the kids fell asleep last night and I didn't get into bed until after 10 so I settled for a quarter to 7. I took a longer route than normal though. If I had taken the shorter route I would have set a record. As is I came in with a pretty good average of 19.8 mph over 32 miles.

There was a slight whispering breeze out of the east and I noticed that a moderate effort was getting me pretty good speed as I turned down Brown road. Brown road adds around a mile onto the route but is a little smoother I think. Anyway, cruising up 68th street I am surprised by a mother duck with about 10 or 12 baby ducklings waddling behind her in the middle of the road. The car next to me stops just shy of them and Mamma duck hurries across the road. Unfortunately one little fuzzy fella (couldn't be more than a week old) is flat on his back right under the car's tire. I cringe as I expect her to squash the little guy into oblivion but she sees my hand go up at the last second. I reach down and try to grab him but I only manage to flip him upright and he runs under the car. Fortunately he saw mom and hurried out from under the car and got across the street. Kinda silly and I am sure all the traffic backed up behind her didn't care about a little duckling. Nobody honked at me on the way by though so they must have been ok with it. Hopefully the fates return the favor if I am ever under a car. :)

The break was good as the hills start around the corner from there and I attacked them in muscle burning fury. As I stated before I ended up with a good time and since I had a little time to spare, I road up into the Phoenix Mtn. preserve to tack on a few extra miles.