Saturday, February 20, 2010

How green the desert.

Red Mountain with flanks of green

I missed blogging last week. I have a good reason, I really do. It's because I didn't get any riding in. 2 months of depression and anxiety kind of came to a head. I had a doctor's appointment last week though and they have me trying some new meds and after nearly 2 weeks I think things are a little brighter which is quite refreshing. On Tuesday I took a personal day because I just couldn't face another day of work and I hoped a day of relaxation would do it. It didn't. Getting a couple of nights good rest combined with the meds starting to work did though. Yesterday was the first good day I have had in a long time. I actually found myself starting to get the desire to get on the bike back last week. It's a nice feeling.

Anyway, I got out for a good 60 miles this morning with the Brumbys before the rain set in. I did get a good chunk of the headwinds blowing the storm in though. I've had a head cold lately so I was pretty happy to hold onto them until the big hills started heading back to canyon lake. I ended up turning around with a couple of other guys at the lake but I stopped to take a few pictures on the climb out and they didn't wait. No worries, I'm a big boy and a hearty randonneur. It was a nice ride back with a few side trips thrown in to get my mileage up a bit. I managed to get back by 9:30 to take my boys to gymnastics.

The desert is beautiful right now. Every patch of ground is covered with a green carpet from the rains that have fallen recently. It also looks like the wildflowers are just about ready to start blooming.

My boys said they want to ride in the rain this afternoon after their gymnastics meet so I might get another 10 -15 miles in depending on how long the being wet and cold things stays "neato" for them.

Next week is the 300k. My training has not been optimal in any definition but I don't think I'll do too badly. I will be happy with whatever time I get. The long range forecast has rain in it. It might be one of "those" rides. Whatever it is, it will have it's ups and downs I am sure but it will beat sitting around watching tv, that's for sure.

Here's some pictures from the weeks riding-

Green grass at Butcher Jones water area.

Green slopes on the cliffs below Saguaro Lake

Green grass and cholla

Riders on the storm

Yours truly

View off road to Canyon Lake

Storms moving in over the mighty Superstitions

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