Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Like a pipe with cool bubbling water, I will lay me down.....

I think Simon and Garfunkel got it wrong. Here in the desert, on a morning like this morning, troubled water sounds quite enticing. Since you can't build a bridge over record heat, I say, the next best thing is a surprise pipe holding bubbling clean, cool, water you discover while sweating out your life waiting at a stoplight. I wouldn't have made it without it fair readers. I was suffering and I pull up to a stoplight and at chest height on my right theres a large cement pipe sticking up out of the ground which for some inexplicable reason has crystal clear water bubbling in the top of it (I think it had something to do with the neighborhood irrigation system). I quickly doused my hat and jersey before the light turned. It was wonderful to be cool for a bit.

Today we set a record for the highest overnight low temperature, we broke the record by 5 degrees. It was 95 degrees at dawn this morning folks. For much of the commute I was at 98 degrees. I was working hard too as I had my laptop along for the ride and my bike must have weight 50-60 lbs. And I was wondering why I felt so sluggish and tired this morning. I had the heat and extra weight to deal with. I still averaged close to 18 mph all told though.

It's on days like this that I look back on all those perfect days I squandered in Flagstaff not having been into road biking. I did spend many of them Mt. Biking though so it's not a total loss I suppose. Still, one does not completely realize what they had until it is gone it seems. Ah well, I guess the heat is good training, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, even if it is only mentally.

Tonight's forecast is for 112 degree heat and an extreme heat advisory on.. Should be a lovely ride down to the bus stop, I'm glad it is only 8 miles.


Record Report-
Statement as of 8:25 am MST on August 05, 2009
... Record high minimum temperature set at Phoenix AZ... A record high minimum temperature of 95 degrees was set at Phoenix AZ this morning. The previous record was 90 degrees set in 1998 and 1994. The all-time high minimum temperature for Phoenix is 96 set 15 July 2003. Additionally... 95 degree record high minimums have also occurred on 1 August 2008... 22 July 2006... and 12 August 2003.

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