Friday, January 23, 2009

Misty Morning Commute

Although I have a long route selected to try for my one or two days a week I want my long ride, I opted for the shorter commute as it was a bit wet out. The fenders on my new bike worked wonderfully even though I have put a nice and skinny pair of 1.35 inch tires on (as opposed to those hefty 2" big apples I had on). The performance is a lot better with these tires.
Anyway, back to my wet commute. The only rain that really fell was when I was in the bus but the streets were wet and it was cloudy. One has to appreciate the cloudy days in the desert. Everything shines with a green radiance. You can smell the rain. In the city everything smells clean. It is a pleasure to ride up the roads in the beauty of a wet morning.

Heading up 3rd ave I see a mailbox statue off to the right that has a rather sizeable drop of water hanging off his nose and I am siezed by an uncontrollable urge to wipe mine. I feel sorry for the poor bronze lad, doomed to feel a drop of water on the end of his nose for hours and hours. It slowly begins to itch, the itch raises in intensity slowly. Soon all he can think about is his nose. How long will it hang there? How long until he descends into statue madness? Oh well, could be worse. I suppose he could have pidgeons pooping on his head.

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