Sunday, April 20, 2008

A day in the life of......

Here is where it all begins ( at least since D'Net broke her leg and I have had to strart driving part way). This is the Gilbert park and ride. From here it is a quick jaunt through scenic downtown Gilbert down to the consolidated canal.

Ah, the beautiful bank of the consolidated canal. I don't know if this shortens my route or not but it sure is more quiet.

More consolidated canal. I take a lot of pictures of this 2 miles of my commute because it is actually maybe a little pretty.
Auugh! Town Manager-Hey mayor, I know how we can really tick those roadie bicyclists off, lets build a bike path to the middle of nowhere and then force them to ride on the dirt with their pretty little racing tires!

Thenk Yuh, Thenk Yuh very muuuuch.

Heading under the 202 and into.....More Chandler.

A hot and Tired Randonneur crawls out of the desert, throat coughing up dust, and lo! Is it a mirage? Out in the distance there is that savior of many an Arizona Randonneur, that oasis in the desert, the local watering hole, the ever present Circle K.

Ok, back to real pictures from my commute., Yes, the now defunct SOMA healthfood cafe has been redeveloped as the "Heart Attack Grill". Featured on the menu are the Angioplasty triple beef quad cheese ultimate burger, the fried chicken stent surprise, the triple bipass bacon burger, the My-O-Cardial infarction fry basket, and the Chest Pain fried cheese sticks to name a few.

Great place to do business right? I always get a bit of a chuckle when passing this sign.

And, lastly we arrive at our destination in the shadow of the radio towers on South Mountain.

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