Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bike Snobbin it.

Well, today I was the bike snob I am afraid. I got caught at a light with what many in the cycling world call the "has to bike" cyclist. I usually wave at these guys from across the road but was kind of shamed into realizing I didn't say good morning to him at the light. Hmmm, next time I am caught at the light with a day worker, guy on a mountain bike, guy who lives in a ditch, or the guy who looks a little metro on his beach cruiser, I am going to give a wassup or something like that.
Speaking of metro types... you know the type, I mean everyone used to ride a beach cruiser at one time or another and many still do (particularly on campuses where kids are still cool) but there is always the guy that rides it as a fashion statement. I saw the very embodiement of this today. His hair, tight green turtleneck, and tight black pants screamed I am METRO man (whens Ozzy going to update his Ironman song anyway?). Then there was his beach cruiser. But this was not your typical beach cruiser. It had an impeccable paint job, but that is not what drew your eyes, no, in front of those pedalling legs he had what appeard to be large foot rests. The kind you see on Harleys for guys to sit back and kick their legs up on while their gettin their motor runnin and heading down the highway being born to be wild and all. Here is this guy that looks like he should be on a vespa (hows that for a stereotype) and he is riding a cool beach cruiser with flippin Harley pegs on the front. Anyway, I had to admit he was just cool.

So, since the above encounter dictated that I might blog today I decided to try my hand at doing the Bruce cam thing (Go to Bruce's blog if you want to see it, he has mastered this technique of taking pictures of himself and others while riding, I am afraid I have not yet mastered it, either that or my camera stinks). As you can see from the above picture the camera stretched my head as I didn't hold the camera still enough.
At the end of the commute, I snapped a picture of our building which has not had it's logo updated since the merger so I did it. Very professional. Hmm, I wonder since we merged and all if Mitel is now branded as "Mitel, a company who has Inter-Tel as a Mitel Company". Maybe not.

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Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Paul, Ol' Chap! Thanks for the plug about me blog-- you know I take about 50 shots or more with the camera--and only a few are every worthy of blogland.

I have lots of photos of my ear, and the top of my helmet, and the gang yawnin' or scratchin their arse--You've inspired me to post a few of the worst ones sometime.

Bike and Blog On, mon ami!