Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yaaaoagh! Broncitis and overtrained?

Well, it all started with a bit of a sore throat on a Friday night over a week ago. Determined to ride with the local tri club the next day I got up and did it sore throat and all and then kept my promise to my son and took him to sunsplash. Well, by Sunday morning I was in pain and had developed a nasty cough that felt like it was tearing my lungs out every time I coughed. Anyway, the unbearable pain only lasted a few days but the cough lingered and the sinus congestion continued, and after 7 days I said enough and went into the doctor who gave me some stuff and told me I had broncitis. Well today I am 11 days into this and going stir crazy as the legs want to do something but the lungs say no. I guess I understand how Bruce has been feeling the last month. Anyway, it seems to have improved a little today so perhaps I will be back into training soon which would be good as I have a rather intense event coming up on the 6th of October and I would like at least a week left of training before starting to taper!

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Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Believe me--I have felt your pain, mon ami. You must rest and take care of yourself, Paul. Otherwise you may get a visit from Mr. Mononecleosis or his mistress Pneumonia! I know both quite well--its not a fun party.