Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ok, enough resting.

Well, the resting Heartrate has .been back in the upper 40's for the last two mornings, and the legs are feeling better so I thought today would be a good day to pick up the commute again. It was a cold morning with frost on the roof but warmed up quickly. I took it easy but managed to average 18 mph on the way in. It was nice to be on the bike again and the legs still had the faintest tinge of fatigue but not enough to worry about. Looking forward to riding the family ride portion of the Le Grande Tour Saturday with my two 4 year old sons (they have done 12 miles before so I figure they are up to it) and my 3 year old daughter (she is riding in a trailer as she is not quite big enough for the Trail-a-Bike yet). It should be fun. My wife thinks we are crazy driving an hour to participate in a 10 mile bike ride but I think the kids will be really excited when they see all the other cyclists.

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