Queen of Kelvin

Route number Pending
Route name Queen of Kelvin
Distance (km) 201
Shape Loop
Reversible? Y
Free-route? no
Climbing (ft) 5500
Location starts/ends in Apache Jct, AZ
Dates available September to May
Contact  Paul Layton
Fee $0
Date approved Pending
Last reviewed Pending
Description Desert 201K wanders through the desert vistas and dirt roads of Queen Valley and then climbs through the mountains and mines of Superior to Kelvin, AZ, where a scenic dirt highway 32c tires a must) is traversed through mountains over to Florence AZ and then back through farms to Apache Jct AZ
Organizer's URL  http://randocommute.blogspot.com/

 Well howdy pardner! This here ride I tell about aint none o those pretty boy rides. No sir, this be one o' them rides through the desert on a horse with no name rides. This be a ride on the Florence Kelvin highway.  Not like any of them sissy high falootin paved highways y'all see today. This here highway be made o' dirt!  What's that you say?   So's 28 C's Kelvin?   Well, this here ride has 10 more miles o dirt! Take them pansy 23c tires off old paint ya city slicker and get some of them 32c tires that'll help you get through this here country of dust and cacti.

First yer gonna mosey on out the east end o' town past them Superstition mtns. where you will hop on US60 for a spell but unlike that other Kelvin ride yer gonna headin off at the pass and take the back way into Queen Valley and get yer wheels dirty a bit early.   Once yer done there you'll be hopping the the old railroad route up to Hewitt Station and then up into the wild mining town of Superior.  From Superior yer gonna find yerself gaspin and heavin as ya climb at 10% to head em' off at the pass.  From there hold on to yer helmets as ya drop multiple 10%+ grades down to the little town of Kelvin,  named after the british lord who has some sorta high falootin scientific temperature system named after him.  From here it's time to dust up yer tires and head out into the desert and kiss yer asphalt goodbye after a short but wickedly steep climb to the end of the pavement.

 This here road I tell about be a state highway,  but it aint no normal highway pardner!  This be one o them dusty old west highways complete with cacti as far as the eye can see and a desolate ranch here and there.  Yer first order of business is negotiating a  moderate descent without losin yerself on the way down.  Yer next order of business is climbing out o this infernal valley!  It be a five and a half mile dusty climb to the top pardner and it stays at a healthy 7% all the way up.  Mind the views behind you as ya climb though,  you'll see plenty o desert mountains lined up one after another as far as ya can see.

 It's downhill to Florence from the top and you'll find yerself back on yer beloved pavement soon enough having done yer proper 20 miles a dirt.  Be careful not to pickup any hitchhikers as ya pass the prison in Florence and make yer way out into the farms of Queen Creek.  From Queen Creek ya can mosey right back to where ya started.

Here is my writeup of when I rode this last.

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