Dirty Mogollon Mormon Madness

Route name- Dirty Mogollon Mormon Madness
RUSA Route number- 420
Distance (km)- 205
Format- Loop
Climbing (ft)- 8500
Location- Clints Well, AZ
 Dates available-all year
 Contact- Paul Layton
 Date approved- 2008/5/2

A permanent that will leave you feeling dirty and smiling. This is the Mogollon rim country of Arizona. You will be riding through Fir and Pine forests much of the day and might even spot a few aspen groves. After climbing for 13 miles you will suddenly arrive at a breathtaking view as you gaze off the edge of the rim over southern Arizona. Our first control after the start is the General Springs Cabin. From here you will descend to East Clear Creek where you can take a dip if you are fast enough. Otherwise you will need to proceed to climb over 700 feet in the next 1.3 miles but after that you get a break heading down to the Ranger Station where you will get your card signed or drop a post card. From here we will wind through country where the roads meander and people get lost in the meadows and forests. Wildflowers can be breathtaking in this section in wetter years. A 10 mile jaunt on pavement takes us onto Stoneman Lake road and to Stoneman Lake for a quick stop at a control. Is it an old Volcanic Crater, or a sinkhole? Scientists can't decide, maybe you can. From here we climb back roads past mountains and ponds to arrive at Mormon Lake Lodge. Then up to Kinnikinik lake and around Hutch mountain and then back to good old Clints Well.

Here's a write up of when I rode it last

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